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Terms & Store Policy

Welcome to The Terms and Privacy information listed below are to provide clarity about using our website. Please, read them carefully. Your decision of using our website confirms that you have read, understood, and accepted our terms and policies. Should you disagree to any of our terms and/or policy specifications, please, do not use the website.

The following terms and policies apply to any product, service, media, application, platform and all other resources related to, distributed on or available through the website. The website is owned and operated by the Bokah Blocks Team (BBT) in Southern California. On this page, our ownership of content (BokahBlocks, Bokahs), collective name of site operators (Bokah Blocks Team), and website location ( are indicated/referred to as “our,” “we,”  “us,” “BBT,” and “Site.”

Product Information and Website Content

On the website, we promote and offer for sale our products and services. Our featured products and services are currently only available for purchase directly from the website. Although the BBT makes every effort to provide you with the best possible customer experience, the products and services featured on the Site may not be constantly available at all times.

The BBT intends to display, describe and represent our products and services accurately, so you may preview the design and use of products prior to purchase. Should you need further clarifications or have questions about our products and services, please, contact us at

The BBT reserves the right to change at any time, without prior notice, any content (product and service listings, descriptions, prices, images and other specifications) featured on the Site.

The visual, formal and conceptual design of our Site, our brand, and the website’s featured products and services are the exclusive property of All rights reserved.

Use of Our Website

The Bokah Blocks Team invites you to use our website for your personal enjoyment, education, and entertainment. This invitation, however, is a non-exclusive, conditional, and revocable permission to use our website. Any unauthorized use of our Site and Site content potentially violating trademark, copyright, publicity, communication and other relevant laws may result in personal (and/or criminal) liability. As the user of our Site, you are required to respect the intellectual property rights of and that of our affiliates represented at our Site.

Linking to Our Website

The website had been established to offer valuable family-, education-, and learner-oriented content, along with enjoyable user experience to children and adults alike. Our intention is to keep our Site content, at all times, appropriate to any age, but particularly fitting, useful, and beneficial for the healthy development of minors. To further our mission, we reserve the right to deny permission to link to our Site or display our Site content on other websites via frames or other methods when the association is deemed inappropriate and/or harmful. All links to the BokahBlocks website must comply with rules of decency and other applicable rules, laws and regulations. To request our written permission for linked or other methods of content distribution whenever the association isn’t clear-cut, please contact us at We reserve the right to sever at our discretion any link deemed inappropriate or unbecoming of our intended content.

To determine/ensure/confirm the legitimacy and appropriateness of your intended use of BokahBlocks Site content, please contact us at

What Is Considered Acceptable Use and Distribution?

The BBT strongly believes in the innate educational value of Bokah Blocks™, and envisions it to become an essential toy in and an integral part of many children’s growing-up years. For this reason, we support and grant freedom of use of any image and video content of our website to entities that wish to join us in promoting Bokah Blocks™, its related products and services. All we ask is to observe our family-focused mission and further our need of keeping all forms of representation of this product line underage-appropriate and family friendly.

Posting of Inappropriate Material prohibits the posting and/or transmission of any socially unacceptable, malicious, or threatening content. We reserve the right to take any action necessary to prevent such violations. In addition, we will fully cooperate with law enforcement, court or subpoena orders to disclose the identity of anyone posting such materials.

Purchasing from Our Website

Currently, the sole distribution of Bokah Blocks™ and related products and services is conducted via our website, While the use of our website has no age limit, purchases may only be made by individuals 18 years or older.

Placing an order is easy at We accept any major credit card and PayPal methods of payments.

After placing your order, an Order Confirmation will be emailed to you.

Please note: The Order Confirmation emailed to you in itself does not mean the order had been accepted. We reserve the right to only fulfill large quantity orders by way of prior approval. When your order has been processed and accepted, we will email your tracking number. You can track your order by visiting

Privacy Policy is a safe and secure commercial website. Rest assured, we do not sell your personal information to any third party for any reason. Your personal data will be kept strictly confidential.

Non-Personal Information

We are unable to regard as confidential user-generated communication materials such as comments, concepts, questions, suggestions, digital images, etc., submitted to us through our website. Please, note that such posted materials may be used by any and all other visitors to our website at their discretion, for commercial and non-commercial purposes such as publication, broadcast, blogs, editorials, etc. Should you consider your data to be sensitive and confidential, please, do not submit it to our website.

The BBT bears no responsibility, nor obligation to review, return, respond to or utilize in any way non-confidential materials submitted through our website or mailed to our address of operation. However, we do reserve the right to remove user generated website content from our Site that we deem inappropriate or out-of-context.


Bokah Blocks™ is the registered trademark of Bokah Blocks. This is a branded and patent pending product line that belongs to the owners of this website. Besides the visual identifiers of the Bokah Blocks brand, this website may contain logos, registered and unregistered trademarks, and service marks of other entities with which Bokah Blocks is affiliated. Any unauthorized use of any such content of this website is strictly prohibited.

Third Party Links

Our website may contain at times links to the websites of non-affiliates. Those links are made available to you as convenience only. Following such links, however, leads you off the BokahBlocks website. The BBT and its affiliates are not responsible for the content of any website visited before and after visiting ours.

Accuracy of Information

Our intention is to provide current and accurate information on our Site. We are constantly in the process of improving, updating, developing our Site content, products and services. For this reason, the BBT cannot and does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of presented information.

The Site features information regarding product measurements, some of which may be approximate. These are provided as convenience measures only. The BBT makes all reasonable efforts to accurately represent the characteristics of our products.

Additional Assistance

Payment Methods
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