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Leo & Lele

Leo & Lele

Leo and Lele are best friends, and they live in a   fantastical world. Together, they go on amazing Bokah adventures. 

Meet Lele

Lele is a master Bokah Builder. She is clever and quick on her feet. With Bokah Blocks from her backpack, she uses her imagination to solve problems whenever she and Leo get into sticky situations. Whether they are escaping an erupting volcano, preventing a shipwreck, or reuniting two lonely monsters, Lele builds whatever is needed to save the day.

Lele loves meeting new creatures, especially big ones, which is why her favorite animals are whales. She also has a huge appetite that often gets her into trouble. You’ll find her scaling a cliff just to reach some magic berries. Her favorite foods are corn, tomato soup, and only the fluffy insides of bread.

Meet Leo

Leo is brave and fearless. To Leo,  nothing is impossible or too crazy, but sometimes his courageousness gets him into pickles. He is outspoken, not afraid to speak up for what is right. He may   not be the strongest or the biggest, but what he lacks in muscle, he makes up   in heart. He’s always the first one to    the scene and ready to use whatever Lele builds to lead their way  into the next adventure.
Leo loves insects; they intrigue him.  
He once helped a queen bee find her  kids by building a giant flower out of Bokah Blocks. His favorite foods are  chili cheese dogs, ramen noodles, and fish tacos.


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