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“You are probably wondering, what new could possibly be going on with wooden building blocks.  They have been around forever and the concept is always the same – stack or snap blocks together, in linear, rigid ways.  Probably the last word that would come to mind is – flexibility.”

The Gadgeteer

“When I was a little kid, we didn’t have money for LEGO building toys, so we had Lincoln Logsand Tinker Toys which were both made of wood. Although I would have loved to have bucket of LEGO bricks back then, I enjoyed the toys I did have. Wooden building toys may seem too old school in this day and age, but I’m happy to report that new wooden block toys are still being invented like Bokah Blocks.”

Smart Parenting

“Parenting now is going back to its roots. While techy toys are still in the market, many parents now are embracing classic toys parents used to play with they were children. They’re cheaper than battery-operated ones and they aren’t easily outgrown by the child.”

“Wooden Blocks That Are Great for

More Than Just Stacking? Yes!”

“Say, for example, wooden blocks. Though they don’t play music or light up, it offers more than entertainment for the young ones. It helps develop problem-solving skills and aids in creativity–two skills that are important for kids to learn at an early age. There are the alphabet and number wooden blocks and wooden puzzle. Then, there’s the good ‘ol trusted albeit plastic Lego blocks (granted, this isn’t as cheap as we hope it would be).

But what if there’s a wooden equivalent of Lego that lets your child build and be creative?

Introducing Bokah Blocks.”

Kids Gifts & Toys

“Yes the wooden block has been given a completely new, updated and very much needed revamp. It has moved the block beyond just stacking and building and into a whole new world of engineered construction.”

“The most ingenious part of Bokah Blocks is obviously the design. They have reworked a timeless classic and given the block a joint! By connecting 2 Bokah blocks with a bendy, a joint is constructed and this allows not only movement between the blocks but also flexibility in the design.”

“I think these wooden blocks have so many amazing uses and I think they have a very broad age range. My 3 year old had fun playing with it and helping me construct the more basic pieces and using our imagination. My 6 year old wanted to explore all the different possible constructs of the blocks and liked looking at the inspiration videos on their website. However, an older child could take it to the next level and really think big, when it comes to Bokah Blocks!

“I love that the designers have used

wood for these blocks, in keeping with the

timeless classic but using such innovation and

engineered genius that these Bokah Blocks are the future.”

“Bokah Blocks are really the next level in construction toys, they are great for a 4 year old but most importantly, these blocks will grow with your child. They can and will want to play with them when they are 8, 10 and 12 years of age. These blocks help a child to think outside the square, to push the boundaries of what they know and ultimately it provides them with a challenge.”

“You know it’s a great toy when your son tells you ‘Thank you so much for getting these blocks mama, they are awesome!’. Believe me, in our household he sees and tests out a lot of toys and so that statement is a big one.”

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