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Do you recall meeting someone for the first time and feeling an immediate connection?   It’s like you instantly clicked. That is exactly the same with Bokah blocks and Bendys. When they meet, they click. Literally! And when they do, you know they belong together.


Bendys are the movers and shakers of Bokah Blocks. They bend in any way they can to connect two or more blocks. And bend, they do! Bendys are shaped to fit into the recesses of the blocks. They are the magical little keys to Bokah Blocks.

This pack contains 60 Bendys for extra Bokah building. They are made of two unstained wooden ball endings, securely connected with a durable elastic cord. 

To keep them safe and sound, the Bendys are kept inside a drawstring canvas bag, imprinted with Bokah Bendys on the front and back. 


• Recommended for Ages 4+
• Designed and handmade in the USA
• Innovative patent-pending joint system
• Bag dimensions: 4.5x5.5 inches
• Unstained natural wood grain finish
• No glues or fillers
• Non-toxic 

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